Monday, May 18, 2009

"Institutional Enlightenment" in our district has not yet arrived. The following sites, recommended for Thing 3 are blocked.

•Tagnautica--A cool way to browse for images
•Flappr--Search for images
•Colr Pickr--Search images by color
•FlickrFling--See images related to RSS feeds
•Flickr Sudoku--Play Sudoku with Flickr images

Thing 2

In some ways the challenges of L2 described by Blyberg, are the same ones libraries have always faced.
As an example, “institutional enlightenment” is a constant in library land. It is a code for ‘persuading those who hold the money to give some to us.’ Fifteen years ago as our high schools were getting their first computers, the card catalog became electronic (not online, but not paper either). None of this would have been financially possible, had it not been for the dogged determination by our library director to nudge our school board toward “institutional enlightenment.” L2 faces the same challenge, only this time it may not be so much about the money as it is policy. Particularly in light of the doctrine of in loco parentis, school libraries will move gingerly forward to L2.
Of course, for “the dwindling elderly population, the soon-to-retire baby-boomers”, the demise of the card catalog, was difficult and confusing. But it was not insurmountable. Those of us who are left will conquer L2, as well.
Blyberg’s notion of ‘fantastic non authoritative data’ grabbed me. Librarians spend a lot of time arguing for & striving to enforce the use of authoritative data. Teaching students to distinguish is part of my job as a public school librarian. L2 is an extension of the process.
L2 provides a change of scenery on the journey.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a relief! I finished Thing 1.
I began the readings for Thing 2, only to discover that my URL is soooooo L1.
I may have to rethink this.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And away we go . . . !

Greetings to my fellow librarians!
As a librarian who has been out of grad school (University of North Texas) for over 10 years, I am looking forward to participating in '23 Things'.